Ramiro Duran Photographer
The imagination of a man, capturing human stories as a mean of self expression
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Sole winner, Photocontest Bodies in detail October 2017
Televisa Fundation and Fotografica MX
Fotografía: Chabochi wearing a shoe to a Rarámuri man

David Alfaro Siqueiros sponsorship awarded to young artist creators (2009)

Awarded by: Chihuahua Culture Institute & The Arts and Cultural National Fundation
Sponsored project:
Loteria Fotográfica de Juárez (A photo project based in a popular Mexican game)

First Place (2008)
Urban Photography Contest (Color - Amateur Section)
Research and urban planning institute (IMIP)
French Alliance, and Cultural Afairs Institute from Chihuahua

Jury selection
Art Binational 2008 Binacional de Arte
El Paso Museum of Art (EPMA) and Fine Arts Museum Ciudad Juarez (INBA)

Jury selection, Open Air Urban Museum,
Cultural Festival at Juarez, 2006.

First Place (2006)
Urban Photography
Research and urban planning institute (IMIP)
French Alliance, and Cultural Afairs Institute from Chihuahua

Jury Mention (2005)
Urban Photography
Research and urban planning institute (IMIP)
French Alliance

Double jury selection; Constest 'Daily Life on Earth'
Woophy International Selection, June 2006.

Jury selection
Digital Photography Cesimac-Canon
Image, integral studies center, Mexico D.F. 2005

Published works

Bullfights, a split light
ViewFind, photo essays from the world
Ed ViewFind (digital), San Fco. California 2017

David Alfaro Siqueiros Antology (Chihuahua artist´s antology)
Visual Art´s Volume
Editor ICHICHULT (Chihuahua, Mexico)
ISBN 978-607-7788-38-6

Compendio de la Imaginación (Book)
191 Images from Ramiro Durán R. text from Jaime Bailleres and R. Durán.
Published thru Blurb

SpAGBook, Artist
Author: Keith Allyn Spencer and Adriana Elene Spencer
El Paso Texas 2006-2008

Cover of the book “Valle de Cardos”
Author: Simitrio Quezada,
Ed. Solar-ICHICULT, 2002


El Paso Del Norte
State's photo libray and archive 'Pedro Valtierra'
October thru November 2012
Zacatecas, Zac. Mexico

Exhibits about the David Alfaro Siqueiros sponsorship's artists
Organized by Chihuahua Cultural Affairs Institute
Traveling thru some cities from Chihuahua Mexico
Thru 2010

!Cuba Viva! ¡Viva Cuba!
University of Chihuahua exhibit at Juarez Campus
April 2009

El Paso Museum of Art (EPMA)
Museo de Arte Ciudad Juarez (INBA)
Art Binational – 2008 – juried exhibition
From June 12 to August 24, 2008

First! Exhibit
Group Exhibit, SpAG Art Gallery, El Paso TX, 2007

50 Images form a traveling portfolio
Colaboration with the musical artists “Sonidos y otras Yerbas”
University Cultural Center, Cd. Juarez 2007

Urban Museum, Arts Festival, Cd. Juarez 2006
Lucha Libre y Tormenta (Wrestling and Storm)

Ramiro Durán in retrospective,
Autonoumus University from Cd. Juarez. 2006

Group exhibit, arts and profession school
University from Cd. Juarez. 2005 & 2006

Collective exhibit
Parque Central Hermanos Escobar
Central Park “Hermanos Escobar” 2005.

Jury selection for IMIP Exhibits, Urban photography
IMIP and French Alliance, Cd. Juarez 2005-2007

Jury selection
Digital Photography CESIMAC-Canon
Image, integral studies center, Mexico D.F. 2005

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